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In the same mimetic vein as the entry posted by fanfic author & friend [ profile] lolmac Looking for Daniel in all the right places wherein she asks for advice from "ardent Jacksonians" about how to write Daniel, and what's good or bad in the way he's depicted in canon & in fanfic, I'm asking the Samantha-stans, Carter-istas, Sam-fanatics & Stargate fans on my F-List (anons, too!):

How do you write Sam Carter in character?

I've been STUCK on TWO fan fiction stories in which I can't resist writing from this amazing military astrophysicist's PoV, but am having major anxiety that I might get her wrong.
  1. What is it about Sam that you love?
  2. What makes you squee?
  3. What do you most love to see her do?
  4. What are the elements of a Sam story that you love the most?
  5. What do you really like seeing her do in fic? On the show? Both?
  6. What is the most epic of Sam WIN?
  7. What annoys and pisses you off when you see it in fan fiction?
  8. What are the stupid/shallow/careless misinterpretations of Sam that must be avoided?
  9. What qualifies as Sam!Fail?
  10. Any other pointers, tips, criticisms, & pet peeves also welcome!

RELATED: Meta: The Evolution of Samantha Carter (or Why I Love Sam) by [ profile] rachel500
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I signed up. TROLLOLOL

I wonder if I can leave 50,000 words of feedback during the month of November? Cuz I sure as hell ain't gonna be writing no uncleforking piece of shit novel that no one's gonna read. :P

I wonder if NaNoWriMo will kick me out? )
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(Because LiveJournal is being a DOUCHE with its new RTE interface JavaScript bugs, I'm posing at Dreamwidth FIRST and enabling the LJ cross-posting function.)

The story of my Genfic writer's block... )
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(Because LiveJournal is being a DOUCHE with its new RTE interface JavaScript bugs, I'm posting at Dreamwidth FIRST and enabling the LJ cross-posting function.)
Fuck Yeah Fanfic Flamingo

The story of my Genfic writer's block... )
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What style of narration do you usually write in?

  • 3rd PPoV limited: 18 stories
  • 1st PPoV singular: 11 stories
  • 3rd PPoV omniscient: 2 stories (both are crack)
  • script format: 2 (both crack)
  • 2nd PPoV: 1 recipe (crack)
  • 1st PPoV plural: 0
FYI: 5 fanworks included above are in VERSE. bwahahaha

Which do you prefer to read?

Whichever style suits the story best. :D

Are certain styles superior to others? Why or why not?

  • First person singular 99% of my email, blog posts, and Tweets are written in 1st PPoV, so it's a natural style for my writing. I love the immediacy of emotion, the behind-the-eyes point of view when I read something done well in this PoV. Narrating action in this PoV is a challenge, and I love when an author handles action sequences seamlessly in this style. However, I HATE when this style is exploited for monotonous introspection AKA navel-gazing. UGH. fap fap fap
  • first person plural We must stop procrastinating, Our Beloved, and write Hathor fic.
  • second person singular You know you wanna dooooooo eeeeeeeeet!
  • third person limited campy sure needs to stop using this style as the easy default for achieving a fic deadline.
  • third person omniscient campy & [ profile] shakespherical use this style for crack & badfic because that's how they roll.
Full Meme index
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Originally posted by [ profile] pristineungift at How Fiction Works Writing Meme (Index Post), snurched from [ profile] ivanolix
This meme was designed by [ profile] pristineungift  based upon the chapters of the book How Fiction Works by James Wood, as a gift to [ profile] pristineungift , who enjoys Writing Memes. It is meant to aid writers, both of fanfiction and original material, in understanding their writing process through exploring different techniques and styles of writing. This is roughly the first half of the book. If this meme is popular, another will be created using the second half of the book.
25 meme questions + 5 exercises... )
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This is one of the most awesome graphical representations of the commonalities (tropes) found in nearly all fictional literature. Download it at deviantArt so you can zoom into it and read the fine print.

It's best understood if you start by reading the tops of the columns starting from the left:
  • Structure
  • Setting, laws, plots
  • Story modifiers
  • Plot devices
  • Heroes
  • Character modifiers
  • Archetypes (Sue is there!)
  • Villains
  • Metatropes
  • Production
  • Fandom & Audience Reactions
And then by reading down the column (vertically).

WARNING: If you've never visited TV Tropes to learn about what's in each of the squares, then good luck and kiss at least several hours goodbye (if not days) from your leisure time.
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You know that adage "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it"? I need to find a busy person, or clone myself. Or just blow off everything & blow a Ba'al clone.

I am so frelling behind on some of my favorite fandom activities:
  • finishing my [ profile] stargate_summer  Big Bang story, due in a few weeks
  • reading fanfic rec'd to me
  • leaving feedback for fanfic I've read
  • posting about the next phase of the [ profile] daniel_vala  Layout Contest
  • nominating my favorite fanworks for the Gatefic Awards
  • posting a boring update on my battle with comment spam
  • polling about story length preferences
I've experienced 2 consecutive days of WiFail, and y'all know what dialup is like. Anyway, my "reading stack" is formidable, but TICKY BOXES might amuse you:
[Poll #1739325]

Random question: If anyone is using a variation of Flexible Squares as your LJ layout, have you noticed any random default re-setting? I think LJ has rewritten some of its core code to thwart comment spam, and inadvertently broken layouts that may have had incompatible CSS.
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Too lazy to post these on [ profile] stargate_search  or [ profile] sgastoryfinders :

DESPERATELY SEARCHING for that Sam/Jack story where Sam is a virgin when she & Jack you know DO IT for the first time and she cries a lot because she never thought she was worthy of Jack's LUV.

Also in desperate need of that Jack/Daniel story where Vala is a ball-busting bitch and Daniel must assure Jack in the woobiest way possible that nothing will come between them.

I seem to have lost the link to that story where Jennifer Keller gets killed violently so that Rodney & John can finally hook up and prance around Atlantis making goo-goo eyes while groping each other and cooing cutesy nicknames.

Has anyone read that completely unique story of Vala trying to get Daniel to stop translating something so he can take her shopping or watch a Disney movie?

Damn, I can't remember where I saw that Gen story where Classic Team defeats a moustache-twirling Goa'uld, Teal'c says "indeed", Sam spews techno-babble, Daniel saves the day with diplomacy and prevents Jack from blowing shit up. Or maybe that was an episode. :p

[Otherwise known as "the list of fan fiction I don't leave feedback for"]

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::innocent lamb face::

Jack and Daniel’s Universe by Orrymain
February 22, 2011
rec by Sarah
Title: Jack and Daniel’s Universe
Author: Orrymain
Fandom: Stargate-SG1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, First Time, AU, kids-fic (NOT mpreg)

Read more trollin... )

BTW: My LJ allows anonymous comments. Anonymice are welcome to BRING IT. (Although the server seems to be screening all the anon comments left on my LJ for 2 months because they've ALL been spam. But that may be because it's blocking the specific IP address whence the spams originate.)
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 have yet to see a completed prompt table

Have yet to see a single fanfic author complete a fanfic prompt table, regardless of 9 to 100 boxes.

Prove me wrong, people. Have any of you seen a completed table?

Maybe... the tables are not MEANT to be completed... )
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So I'm searching my hard drive for a missing genfic scene I wrote months ago for Stargate's "Ark of Truth", where it's all heroism and action and pew-pew-pew after Teal'c gets shot by the Ori staff blast...
Teal'c shot by Ori soldiers
Read more derpity derp... )
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I'm writing a series of mostly PG-rated D/V vignettes based on [personal profile] scrollgirl 's story "What Are Friends For?", and am curious about any canonical or fanonical consensus regarding Sha'uri's sexual experience before she was given to Dan-Yel in the 1994 Movie.
Sha'uri looks straight at Daniel

Read more PG-13 meta speculation... )
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Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, developed HTML back in 1991 so that different computer platforms could read documents consistently, with clear paragraph breaks, italics, bold, smart quotes, and other typographical luxuries.

Read epic CAPSLOCKY obscenities and profanities... )
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Mwa ha ha! I copy-pasted excerpts from Brokeback Mountain and Lady Chatterly's Lover into the "I Write Like" app by Coding Robots.

E. Annie Proulx writes like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Read the source texts I pasted into the app... )
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Wednesday was a long day at work; I was finally at home, decompressing, reading some hot Daniel/Vala smut... and then after leaving a review, I got the notion to try something new: a Daniel/Sam story.

Because I don't 'ship Daniel & Sam, I wanted to gain insight into their relationship dynamic from another segment of the Stargate fandom. What is it about their interaction that I might be missing? Because when I see MS & AT in scenes together, their body language is the same as my body language around my brother. Have I been projecting my perceptions as an older sister onto Sam's character? I wanted to see if the Daniel/Sam fandom handily destroys the fanon of Sam & Daniel as "just like brother & sister".
Amanda kisses Michael

And now I'm pissed: there's Vala-bashing in the Sam/Daniel story.
Vala [....] could tell that something was up. It didn’t take her long to notice the furtive glances. The close proximity. Even the occasional drifting hand under the commissary tables. At first she was angry. This blonde harlot stole HER Daniel away. But as she watched them, she knew that Daniel was never really hers. And in true Vala fashion, she turned her sights to someone else.

Hello? "True Vala fashion" would be for Vala to ask if she could join them in a threesome. Vala doesn't think of Sam as a "harlot"; in fact, she respects Sam's authority as a leader (see "The Uninvited") and spends time shopping and drinking with her ("Family Ties").

Why does an author need to bash a character for the sake of focusing on their fave OTP? WTF???!!!!

I don't bash Daniel/Sam in my stories, or any other pairing. In fact, as a multi-shipper, I toss in innuendo for other pairings (Jack/Daniel & Sam/Vala being a couple favorites) because it gives the characterizations more energy and dynamism, and acknowledges the depth of their previous history together.

Anyone have any Sam/Daniel fanfic recs that don't have character bashing? Maybe there should be warnings on 'shipper fics if there's character bashing... LOL. "Sam/Vala antipathy" or something. Because it ruined my evening.
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Yes, coming this Fall to NBC's Monday night lineup (which I expect to be pre-empted by NFL overtimes).

[ profile] magnavox_23  started it in this spoilery thread:
"Daniel & Vala in San Fran? I smell a spin off! :D"

[ profile] sg_wonderland  got the ball rolling:

From the NBC Press Office:
NBC jumps back into the sitcom business in a big way with this gem from a genre not necessarily known for their comedy - science fiction.
Michael Shanks reprises his Stargate SG-1 role as Dr. Daniel Jackson, a globe trotting archaeologist who is trying to remain anonymous as the government decide when and how to declassify the Air Force's super-secret space travel program. Part of the price for his escape to the sunnier confines of San Francisco was that he agreed to take charge of feisty alien Vala Mal Doran, played by the irrepressible Claudia Black.

Together, the two of them try to live normal lives in a friendly downtown neighborhood without anyone finding out that one of them is an alien and the other had multiple deaths under his belt.

Coming this fall to Monday nights!
Read more completey bonkers Gatecrack... )
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This is what we know about the next SG-1 movie from GateWorld:


Spoilers, or maybe just cracky speculation... )
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Dang, it's a good morning. First, Merry ([ profile] ivanolix ) posts the hot D/V ficlet "Bohemian Like You", then the news from [ profile] jmswallow  that Big Finish will release their next SIX Stargate audio books as FULL CAST DRAMAS. (ETA: Jim Swallow's announcement in March regarding all the collaborators.) Michael Shanks and Claudia Black  have been confirmed FOR ALL 6 BOOKS! And if Cliff Simon, Chris Judge, Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, and RDA are on board, OH MY FRELLING GOSH.READ THE DETAILS! )
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Last year while I was writing "Bookends", I asked [ profile] cleothemuse  "What kind of car does Daniel drive?" She listed several options: the Land Rover he rented in Cairo, a Jeep, or Jack's truck, which Jack might've left when he moved to DC. I chose Jack's truck. I was just over at [ profile] lc59's Colour Meme, and she's given Vala a 1965 Mustang Shelby Fastback.

So canonically, what kind of vehicles do Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Cameron Mitchell, and Daniel Jackson drive?

Do Teal'c and Vala drive cars?
See photos of their vehicles... )

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