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1) List 5 things you can see without moving.
Weeping Angel Rave Party

2 days ago, I succumbed to Neil Gaiman's advice and watched the Doctor Who DVD with the episode "Blink". WOW I need to start watching NewWho. I lived off Classic Who (& Monty Python & The Young Ones) in college, and fell in love with Doctors One, Two, Three, Four, and Five, & Six. OMG I had a HUGE crush on Tegan. Five will always hold a special place in my heart; he was my "gateway" Doctor.

"Blink" WAS AWESOME! It gave me nightmares! I woke up because I dreamt that a Weeping Angel was hovering over me while I slept. Brrr! Then I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got on the computer and fangirled.

Um, I also didn't finish this meme; it has 19 total questions.

But the Weeping Angels are giving me massive plot bunnies for a Stargate crossover fic where SG-1 encounter a ring of angel statues looking at each other...
"Cam, I'm getting some unusual readings from these things," Sam said while studying her equipment. "There's absolutely no difference in their decay rate from when SG-9 first encountered them on this planet four years ago."

"Reckon we could take one back to the SGC to study it," Cam suggested.

"Whoa, wait -- there's probably a lot more we could learn about them in situ," Daniel exclaimed. "Such as whether their positioning corresponds with astronomical events: equinoxes, solstices, eclipses..."

"Mating season of certain local fauna," Vala offered. Daniel gave her a startled double-take.

"Should we not be recording these proceedings with the video camera?" asked Teal'c.


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Date: 2013-02-21 07:14 pm (UTC)
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Oh, my goodness, I hope this gets written someday! (And spoiler alert if you haven't seen it yet--but do you know what recording via video camera will do?? If not, you are more brilliant than you even realize!).

Moffat comes up with the absolute creepiest, scariest villains--the Weeping Angels, the Vashta Nerada, the Silence. It's a wonder I ever sleep at all!

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Date: 2013-02-21 11:53 pm (UTC)
ext_391411: There is a god sitting here with wet fingers. (fear)
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I'd seen some spoilery GIFs on Tumblr that quote what happens when Weeping Angels are video recorded. SO CREEPY. I love Doctor Who villains!

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