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Dear codemonkeys at [ profile] changelog,


FIX IT. Dammit.

Daniel with staff weapon
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The good thing about having an Open Journal is the Google signal boost my posts get -- especially fanfic.

The good thing about allowing anonymous comments is that I get to mess with trolls talk to folk who don't have an LJ.

The bad thing about an Open Journal is that spambots parasitize my SERP placement.

The bad thing about allowing anonymous comments is comment spam. Spammers' latest tactic is using the LJ email notification system to get around the "suspicious comment" screening; they post any random text (regardless of what language it's in) and sneak in a link to their spammy website that does NOT show up on your LJ because there's no anchor text, but DOES show up in your email.

They assume I'm gonna click it? SERIOUSLY? WTF? Do they get pay-per-click impressions? Or does merely visiting their spam site install malware on your computer? 
Michael Shanks, plaid shirt, stank-eye sideways glance, caption ARR YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
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It has been noted that there still aren't enough girls becoming scientists to balance the disparity of women to men in science occupations. One cannot help but speculate whether having someone who looks like Michael Shanks or Amanda Tapping narrate a series of science-based instructional videos would encourage more youngsters to become scientists...

Is it just me, or is it the way he flutters his eyelashes that makes me wanna take a look at hyperspace equations?
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Photos like this one give me a hard-on.

Dr. Daniel Jackson, looking relentlessly intellectual, wields a green dry-erase marker in front of a white board in the SGC briefing room in the episode "200". Two alien alphabets (Ancient/Atlantean and Asgard) border the bottom, and there's (GUH!) a partial derivative in the upper-right hand corner, and some three-space vectors below it -- clear evidence that he consulted Colonel-Doctor Samantha Carter on his lecture notes.

Daniel at the whiteboard

What's the third alphabet in the upper left, FList?
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It's late, I've been re-reading LOTR and The Silmarillion, and I like cats. So sue me.

One Does Not Simply Tank Cat Into Mordor

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