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Go Matt & Trey!

Comedy Central pusses out AGAIN over Mohammed depiction.

campy as Mohammed

I am so effing sick and tired of creative expression being censored to protect people's "delicate sensibilities". Warning folks that something's Not Safe For Work or inappropriate for kids is one thing; cowering because you're afraid of "offending" someone is another.

Taken to censorship's most extreme level, should I mince around and wear drab, gray clothing because I'm afraid someone might be offended by the color green? Or wear a burka to prevent you from the undisciplined impulse to rape me? Or stop typing "OMG" in my comments because I'm taking the name of your deity in vain?

Grow a backbone, people. This crap that "oh noes teh Muslam extremists iz gonna terrorize us" is just LAME.

Muslims are some of the gentlest, kindest, peace-loving, and open-minded people I know.

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Why can't I stop watching Claudia Black in a Bikini on Farscape?

I was on YouTube to hear Eric Cartman singing Lady Gaga's Pokerface and guess I got distracted.

On a Trey Parker/Matt Stone related note, I bought & watched "Orgazmo" on DVD last night and laughed my stupid ass off, dreaming about a smutty Stargate crackfic using the "an alien artifact made us do it" trope. Viva l'Orgazmorator! What boggles me is that "Orgazmo" got an NC-17 rating, while "Zack & Miri Make a Porno" got an R.

PS: I also rented "Pitch Black" to see Claudia -- which I did -- but didn't finish the rest of the movie.


Oct. 26th, 2009 01:29 pm
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If I ever jump on the NaNoWriMo bandwagon, I'd only generate a bunch of porny, non-sequitur fanfic that crosses over The X-Files with Stargate SG-1, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, Firefly, Farscape, Monty Python's Flying Circus & South Park, then feel as though I'd totally wasted time better spent generating a meticulously-edited 5000-word smutbiscuit.

I mean, seriously, I cannot expect anyone to suffer reading the kind of crap I'd produce for NaNoWriMo. More power to ya if anyone on my f-list does the NaNoWriMo, because you're doing what I simply cannot commit to doing.
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Terrible, awful dream:

I turn on my computer, start working on a client's JavaScript makeover, and suddenly notice that my desktop picture is no longer Akio's beautiful blue-green glass toric chain links floating on a Bryce ocean under a periwinkle sky.

akio's artwork

It's a weird, primitive gold-beige splatter-paint tiled background. And my shortcut icons had disappeared. So I immediately hit the reboot button. A bunch of little windows appear with animated South Park icons and Sesame Street video clips.

OK, I like South Park, but not on my desktop. And Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch are OK, but I'd rather look at tattooed naked people boinking if given a choice.

I hit the reboot switch again, and this time that dreaded "Start" and "My Computer" bar appears at the bottom of my screen.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

My beloved Mac OS has been taken over by Windows XP.

Hitting the reboot switch does NOTHING.

What could have done this?

I remember doing some (ahem) file sharing the day before, and changing the configs in my firewall. Had I forgotten to reset it, resulting in some crappy spyware/malware being downloaded into my computer unknown to me?

Then the phone rang and wakened me.

That's the last time I complain about my outdated system. And I really should stop playing South Park Snood before going to bed.

South Park Snood screenshot

Microsoft Jingle Bells by David Pogue

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