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RODNEY MCKAY: 135, but I'm shooting for 150 soon. 3.14159265358--
JOHN SHEPPARD: Um, Rodney? We don't care. (I've memorized 50, by the way.)
SAMANTHA CARTER: The Asgard data core once allowed me to enter up to 20 digits of pi to calculate a solar phase shift with random vect--
JACK O'NEILL: Carter, stop. The only pie worth talking about is one I'm about to eat.
DANIEL JACKSON: In Greek it's pronounced π, which is the first letter of περιφέρεια--
JACK: Daniel.
VALA MAL DORAN: General, you simply MUST taste the fruit pie Cameron's mother makes.
CAM MITCHELL: Aw yeah! I'm tellin' ya, hand-picked raspberries make all the difference. 
TEAL'C: How may we obtain this pie?

[ profile] sg_fignewton's got some Samantha Carter genfic recs & graphics in honor of National Pi Day!

And HEY, y'all gotta vote for SG-1's astrophysicist in the [ profile] sf_marchmadness Sweet Sixteen!

If voting once isn't enough, vote for Sam 4 more times in [ profile] holdouttrout 's SUPER AWESOME POLL OF AWESOME. :D

More pictures behind the cut... )
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Dear LiveJournal: Sheep go to heaven. GOATS GO TO HELL.

See ya there!
Assassin Frank
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Which holiday?
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by [ profile] eilidh17

Thank you so so so so so freaken much, [ profile] eilidh17 I can't tear my eyes away!
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I'm fantastic at writing complete & utter academic bullshit a précis. QED:

Write your meaning to "Christmas Tree" lyrics:
"Germanotta elicits the fundamental tenet behind the incipient event of the holiday: the immaculate conception of Christ Consciousness via Divine Visitation upon the Tree of Knowledge (aka munching carpet & girl-on-top heterosexual coitus) in close proximity to an ancient Druidic symbol of divine birth."

Cracktastically lo-rez, lip-syncned Little Monster fanvid:
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Just kidding. It's actually 'porn'. DUH.

True story: I had a client who was such a prude she couldn't say the word 'porn' while describing the parameters of a spam filter.
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I wanna visit FIRST NATIONS DAY, bitch.

Get in a boat, land on an island, deny that it's not the "New World" but India you landed on, abduct some locals to use as slaves back home, and leave behind deadly diseases that wipe out a significant portion of the population AND GET A HOLIDAY NAMED AFTER YOU & CREDIT FOR DISCOVERING AMERICA 500 years after Leif Ericson established L'Anse aux Meadows.

Just... What even? Cristoforo Columbo Colombo doesn't deserve a US holiday named after him.

Columbus Day
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Steve Jobs taught us to THINK DIFFERENT, not "think pedantically".

Because sometimes you just have to tell prescriptivists that it's OK to break the rules.

Rock that mock turtleneck, Steve.
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I have no bullies in my life.

"Many... have tried... They tried and died."

Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam
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In bed, asleep. My sister called long distance & woke me, from 2500 miles away, to tell me to turn on the TV.

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Read bad Harry Potter porn.
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I'd hire an intellectual property rights lawyer. :D

Unless it were for a fanwork -- in that case, I'd call out the plagiarist and sit back with a bag of popcorn.
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Snurched from [ profile] dvfan .

1. weird
2. dorky
3. intense
4. unconventional
5. scary
6. funny
7. happy
8. oblivious
9. clumsy
10. harmless

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