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In the same mimetic vein as the entry posted by fanfic author & friend [ profile] lolmac Looking for Daniel in all the right places wherein she asks for advice from "ardent Jacksonians" about how to write Daniel, and what's good or bad in the way he's depicted in canon & in fanfic, I'm asking the Samantha-stans, Carter-istas, Sam-fanatics & Stargate fans on my F-List (anons, too!):

How do you write Sam Carter in character?

I've been STUCK on TWO fan fiction stories in which I can't resist writing from this amazing military astrophysicist's PoV, but am having major anxiety that I might get her wrong.
  1. What is it about Sam that you love?
  2. What makes you squee?
  3. What do you most love to see her do?
  4. What are the elements of a Sam story that you love the most?
  5. What do you really like seeing her do in fic? On the show? Both?
  6. What is the most epic of Sam WIN?
  7. What annoys and pisses you off when you see it in fan fiction?
  8. What are the stupid/shallow/careless misinterpretations of Sam that must be avoided?
  9. What qualifies as Sam!Fail?
  10. Any other pointers, tips, criticisms, & pet peeves also welcome!

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OMG the fanboy comments on reddit, y'all. KML

"I'd go gay for Michael Shanks." "He's all up in Dr. Lam."

"And when they show the city where the O'Neill departs from before Sam blows it up? As an architecture student, that city still gives me erections to this day. The bottom line is the Asgard are the shit."

"The Ori only used belief to enhance their power. Without belief and worship, they were still pretty damn powerful. Freddy Kreuger virtually relied on it."


"...if ever there was a true god in this universe, it was Hammond of Texas. Mr. motherfuckin' Clean himself. Babyhead Hammond. First of his Name. Lord of Undermountain. Omega Cue-ball. There is none higher."

"hillary clinton, mit romney, elijah wood and samuel jackson in....?"
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foreverAlone: Have taken shower. Time for nap!

me: Penis. Vagina. Stargate.

AttentionWhore: My butt hurts.

me: Vagina. Stargate. Vagina.

ADHD: ˆ◡ˆ <3 *** hi! HI! HI!!!!!!! *** :) 
ADHD: Got to go! Bye everyone!!!! ˆ◡ˆ <3 ***

me: bewbs. Farscape. Claudia Black.

AttentionWhore: I said my butt hurts. Y is every1 ignoring meeee???!!!

clueless: OK, okay... (laughing out loud) so I went outside to check the mail and And AND! OH MY GOSH I saw this thing (evil grin) but it... [link to TweetLonger]

noPersonality: This is adorable! [link to time-wasting YouTube vid]
noPersonality: You are destined to avoid sandwiches today. #Pisces @horoscope RT

me: Cock! [link to cock] Stargate!

noPersonality: Watching "Pointless Hollywood Crap" with 6 others @GetGlue

foreverAlone: That was a great nap. It's raining!

me: Pussy! [link to picture] LOL it's my cat hahaha #rickRoll

noPersonality: #FF Friday Follow these Tweeps! @name @username @friend @someone @person @foreverAlone @pseud @someoneYouHate

privilegedWhiner: I hate the stupid n00bs in my fandom. I am better than they are. GTFO n00bz

me: rant LiveJournalFail rant rant

noPersonality: Breaking news! [link to current event]

privilegedWhiner: If I see 1 more RT of #currentEvent I'm gonna pitch a tantrum.

AttentionWhore: @privilegedWhiner I knew about #currentEvent before it got popular.

me: troll #currentEvent trollololol [link to Rick Roll]

foreverAlone: Ok, time for bed! See ya later! Hope it's stopped raining tmrw.

AttentionWhore: I am so bored right now.

me: i can haz penis? [link to penis] #vagina #Stargate
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My hatred of multinational corporations & monopolistic greed is no secret, and my F-List have endured my rants against AT&T, especially against the inevitable AT&T/T-Mobile merger. I subscribe to several consumer action newsletters, and am upset by the FreePress-sponsored's recent attempt to raise consumer awareness at the upcoming AT&T monopoly BY BASHING LESBIANS.

I realize that using the "Mean Girls" trope is supposed to be funny, but dammit, I don't want negative portrayals of women in power as much as I dread a single telecommunications company controlling its entire market.

New Best Friends

2 More Misogynistic Videos + 1 that's OK )
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"Beau reminded me a lot of Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey) – both were very successful, incredibly experienced, and always made it a point to come by our offices to run prospective dialogue changes by us rather than simply surprising us in the dailies. Like Bob, Beau would always make the time to come up and see us to request even the tiniest of changes. Both of them were class acts and I have nothing but terrific memories of working with them." -- Joe Mallozzi 5 June 2011
Beau Bridges & Robert Picardo are AWESOME. Mad props & nothing but love love love to them and what they brought to the franchise.

LOL at "surprising us" with dialog changes in the dailies. Someone's using the Royal We.
Demotivational LOLCat: orange tabby with ears back and mouth wide open, next to enema kit, caption Special Delivery for Capt Butthurt
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This is one of the most awesome graphical representations of the commonalities (tropes) found in nearly all fictional literature. Download it at deviantArt so you can zoom into it and read the fine print.

It's best understood if you start by reading the tops of the columns starting from the left:
  • Structure
  • Setting, laws, plots
  • Story modifiers
  • Plot devices
  • Heroes
  • Character modifiers
  • Archetypes (Sue is there!)
  • Villains
  • Metatropes
  • Production
  • Fandom & Audience Reactions
And then by reading down the column (vertically).

WARNING: If you've never visited TV Tropes to learn about what's in each of the squares, then good luck and kiss at least several hours goodbye (if not days) from your leisure time.
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SGU Continuation, Other Movies Dead — for now

Brad Wright's announcement today onstage at Creation Entertainment’s Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver that the Stargate SG-1, SGA, & SGU movies have been "permanently shelved" puts a brake on the "Save SGU" and "Greenlight the Stargate Movies" campaigns, but never say never, right? (Read more at Joe Mallozzi's WP blog.)

TeenGateWho's to say SyFail might not consider REBOOTING the series with "younger, edgier versions" of the Team?

Imagine that Vala's a vampire -- a SPARKLY vampire -- who assists the Team (who are amateur wrestlers off-duty) in fighting Sharktopus & MegaSnake?

Or maybe FOX would be interested in picking up the series as an animated half-hour comedy, voiced by Ann Coulter as Sam Carter, Bill O'Reilly as Jack O'Neill, Rush Limbaugh as Teal'c, and Glenn Beck as Daniel Jackson?


Perhaps it's more likely that FOX would prefer to reboot the series in a reality TV format, where 14 contestants are thrown onto a derelict Ancient ship heading toward the center of the known universe, fight to the death each week, so that the lone survivor wins a gold-plated Stargate in the mid-season finale?

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 have yet to see a completed prompt table

Have yet to see a single fanfic author complete a fanfic prompt table, regardless of 9 to 100 boxes.

Prove me wrong, people. Have any of you seen a completed table?

Maybe... the tables are not MEANT to be completed... )
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traycer_ has posted an awesome entry at fandom_grammar titled "What is the Difference Between Alternate Reality and Alternate Universe?"

Here's my Stargate-centric visual guide based on traycer_'s definitions, using screen grabs/production stills from the episodes/movies. I probably am missing some eps, namely because I haven't seen all of Seasons 3 thru 8 yet, so feel free to point me in the direction of any relevant episodes & screen grabs that you think should be included.

Lots of pictures, not dialup friendly... )
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So this week I watched 3x08 "Demons" (OMGWTF?) and 3x09 "Rules of Engagement" (OK, LOL) for the first time.

"Demons" spoilers and picspam to follow.

3x08 "Demons" is the episode that I'd made a LOLGate about all planets looking like Vancouver, back in November.

Image-heavy post behind cut )

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