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From [ profile] spiletta42 via her Tumblr

Could someone tell my LJ friends who don’t use Tumblr that I’m alive? Or better yet, tell me how to break out of this loop on LJ that won’t let me log in?

Screenshot of Spi's LJ login fail )
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Originally posted by [ profile] campylobacter at
WARNING Rootkit virus embedded in video via comment spam
Lately, I've had to delete about half a dozen spam comments from various entries on my LJ & at other communities. They've all shared a commonality: a single embed & link to a YouTube video in Portuguese titled "Camarate: A confissao fe Farinha Simoes" or in English titled "Dying call from prison. Details about Portugal Premier Minister air-crash!"


The video contains a Windows rootkit virus that'll steal your personal info.

Known accounts that generate these spammy malware comments:
  1. [ profile] 1310ardfey 108 comments posted 
  2. [ profile] aldovid 98 comments posted
  3. [ profile] analiseacalo 93 comments posted
  4. [ profile] bolvul 86 comments posted
  5. [ profile] golubcavav 98 comments posted
  6. [ profile] hofmannfuvuw 119 comments posted
  7. [ profile] jonmeino 95 comments posted
  8. [ profile] justiczjatu 95 comments posted
  9. [ profile] mafirusii0 86 comments posted
  10. [ profile] marowov570 86 comments posted
  11. [ profile] meratee05250 97 comments posted
  12. [ profile] milburrujyvy 116 comments posted
  13. [ profile] millfordiqy 100 comments posted
  14. [ profile] ngpase 106 comments posted
  15. [ profile] omne807 98 comments posted
  16. [ profile] owenddhd 99 comments posted
  17. [ profile] proplasmoc 92 comments posted
  18. [ profile] rjwoily 99 comments posted
  19. [ profile] symanuvawe 80 comments posted
  20. [ profile] veatorecu 122 comments posted
Let's get LJ admins alerted to this exploit (the more reports, the better!) by following these instructions:

Instructions with screencaps behind cut... )

Alternate link to report a bot:

Alternate link to ban a user:

SOURCE: [Warning] Serious rootkit virus spreading in LJ comments by [ profile] luma_chan
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Originally posted by [ profile] dwg
at I like your old stuff better than your new stuff.
LiveJournal is broken
Release 88: Livejournal is Broken

15 songs + links to relevant Release 88 info
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LOLz, No Daddy, Spam... )
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Originally posted by [ profile] raemia at IMPORTANT RELEASE 88 INFORMATION

Hey all. As you may or may not know, Livejournal rolled out Release 88 on the 20th, which changed the default commenting structure, created visible icons lists, and removed subject lines, previewing comments, and spellcheck, among other things. If you are using a custom layout/S2 layout, this currently does not apply to you, but it DOES apply to communities which rely on default S1-style comment pages. There are nearly 10,000 angry comments at [ profile] lj_releases and nearly 2,000 angry comments at [ profile] news. This is big stuff.
In any case, here are some things that may help you:

LJ's most recent update removed features (subject lines, ability to preview, spellcheck) that are crucial to the existence of some LJ communities. The new "expand" line is laggy and caused certain builds of Firefox and Chrome to be unable to post. Bright colors and new font hurt readability, cause headaches (I have one!), and prevent blind users from using text-to-speech programs. The cherry on top is the head of LJ Russia [ profile] igrick's rude and dismissive attitude towards both English AND Russian-speaking users. CLICK HERE TO READ HIS TRANSLATED COMMENTS.

Well, ain't gonna happen... yet. According to the newest update on [ profile] lj_releases, there will be a S2 style available that "mimics the original/previous S1 commenting pages". How long will this take? Apparently "within a few weeks". Note that S2 styles are NOT available to users with free accounts. If you disagree with this change, go to the update page and let the LJ staff know!

To change back custom comment pages: Go to the "Customize Journal Style" page, then click "Display" under "Customize Your Theme". Under "Presentation">"Basic Options", find "Disable customized comment pages for your journal" and select NO. Save changes and you will have your comment page back to normal. You may have to do this more than once. Some users reported that selecting YES first, saving, and THEN selecting NO worked for them.

This is because LJ has now given ALL users the ability to edit comments, REGARDLESS of the status of the account. However, you lose the ability to edit your comment once someone has replied to it. If your comment has been screened, you cannot edit it to fix it. Source: [ profile] news

If you have turned off automatic payments on your account, PLEASE GO CHECK TO SEE IF AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN RE-ENABLED. SERIOUSLY. GO HERE. Please post in this thread if you have had your automatic payment re-enabled.

There is a petition for LJ to rollback the update HERE. You may also be interested in an LJ usage poll HERE by [ profile] rollback88. Spread it around!

Dreamwidth currently has open registration until the end of 2011. No add code necessary! Just sign up here! You can also import your LJ but there will be a VERY long wait.
InsaneJournal does not require an add code to register an account. Make an account here!
JournalFen's account registration is still closed, although it may open back up in the future!

That's all I can think of for right now. Please repost this or otherwise link back here. Show as many people as you can! Thank you!

PS: Note from me, [ profile] campylobacter: I would actually prefer that fandom mass-migrate to WordPress, because it functions better than most all blogging platform available. However, its user interface looks nothing like LJ, DW, IJ, or JF.
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[ profile] eilidh17 and [ profile] magnavox_23 have started a new members-only LiveJournal community for Stargate graphics fanworks with a mature/adult rating: [ profile] sg_delights

Photo manipulations, digital art & traditional art WELCOME. All characters, pairings (het, slash, poly) WELCOME. Artists and appreciators of erotic artwork WELCOME.

i can haz Janet solo? Jack/Thor? Ba'al/Sam? Jennifer/Ronon? Jack/Daniel/Vala? Teal'c/Cam? Elizabeth/Teyla? Adria/Daniel? John/Rodney? Aw heck, if there's at least partial nudity involving anyone, I'm there.

Click to JOIN

[ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights [ profile] sg_delights
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My Paid account was set to expire 6 October, so I renewed today for only 2 more months -- not because I can't afford it, but because LJ's technical flailing and failing are a continuing source of disappointment to me. I love my F-List, I love the communities here, but LJ's "improvements" to remain relevant & competitive with other social media services are klunky, creaky & kludgy.

Fandom's slowly migrating to Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook, which, although easy to use & immediately gratifying, are poor platforms for richer content & in-depth multi-threaded discussions. I don't want to abandon what I've worked hard to build here, but other blogging platforms such as Wordpress are looking like much better alternatives.

Originally posted by [ profile] oceanplexian at [ profile] lj_maintenance under Planned site-wide downtime
Dear all,

LiveJournal will be unavailable for up to three hours starting at the following times, Wednesday, October 5. During this time, LJ might be unreachable, slow, or experience issues loading. This will affect all services, including LJ Talk & Scrapbook. 

22:30 GMT

03:30 PM PST
04:30 PM MST
06:30 PM EST

The purpose of this downtime is to install new core routers, upgrade other network devices, and add more Internet uplinks to our primary datacenter. I expect the real downtime to be much shorter then stated above, but unforeseen problems could require up to three hours.


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Dear codemonkeys at [ profile] changelog,


FIX IT. Dammit.

Daniel with staff weapon
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I recently put [ profile] changelog  in my notifications, and OMG, it looks as though LJ might be getting a Like button feature.
Wonder if it'll be an opt-in for Paid accounts? Hmmm...

Read more... )
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So, [ profile] campylobacter , your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 0% unique, 16% peculiar, 50% interesting, 21% normal and 13% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy science fiction). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 22

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 50% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Guess I'd better stop ReTweeting and Reblogging content if I wanna be unique! ;D

[via [ profile] ivanolix  's meme]
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The good thing about having an Open Journal is the Google signal boost my posts get -- especially fanfic.

The good thing about allowing anonymous comments is that I get to mess with trolls talk to folk who don't have an LJ.

The bad thing about an Open Journal is that spambots parasitize my SERP placement.

The bad thing about allowing anonymous comments is comment spam. Spammers' latest tactic is using the LJ email notification system to get around the "suspicious comment" screening; they post any random text (regardless of what language it's in) and sneak in a link to their spammy website that does NOT show up on your LJ because there's no anchor text, but DOES show up in your email.

They assume I'm gonna click it? SERIOUSLY? WTF? Do they get pay-per-click impressions? Or does merely visiting their spam site install malware on your computer? 
Michael Shanks, plaid shirt, stank-eye sideways glance, caption ARR YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
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Dear sock puppet,

I'm curious to know why you've been trolling [ profile] spiletta42  for years.

Your latest stunt is so pathetic, it'd be Fandom-Wank amusing if it weren't so repetitive, disruptive, destructive & batfuck insane.
  1. You opened an account named [ profile] izzy96  on 12 May 2011.
  2. You opened an account named [ profile] morgan661  on 13 May 2011.
  3. You Photoshopped a fake screengrab of [ profile] stop_plagiarism , inserting moderator [ profile] hoppytoad79 's icon and username into a baseless accusation of [ profile] spiletta42 stealing a story from, when it's probably either one of your old socks or one of her pseudonyms. (The actual plagiarist is YOU.)
  4. As [ profile] izzy96 , you posted a link of your "artwork" to [ profile] gategirlsdaily  in 2 entries, which I saw immediately because I follow that comm, and which were so off-topic, they got deleted before they were an hour old. (my screengrabs: "Urgent Signal Boost" & "Amanda Tapping Naked") 
  5. You posted the same thing titled "Untitled Buffy/Spike Fic, NC-17" to [ profile] buffy_fanfic , using a bait-and-switch tactic. This makes you credible how? (screengrab)
  6. Ditto an entry titled "THIS IS AWESOME" to [ profile] het_reccers  (screengrab)
  7. And your final mistake, posting a fake moderator entry titled "Mod Post, Please Read" to [ profile] femme_fic , which didn't fool anybody, because [ profile] goldjadeocean remembers the "Plagiarism-claiming hacking troll in the dungeon?" incident from 11 Nov 2008 reported by [ profile] misscam . Using [ profile] morgan661  to leave socktastic comments was also a dead giveaway.
  8. UPDATE sockpuppet [ profile] izzy96  posted "Fic Warnings!" (trigger complaint) at [ profile] sam_and_jack  (screengrab)
  9. UPDATE sockpuppet [ profile] izzy96  posted a "Warning!" against gay porn at [ profile] scarecrow_king  (screengrab)
  10. UPDATE [ profile] irony_rocks  of [ profile] het_reccers posted "Admin Post - Anti-gay posts BANNED"
  11. UPDATE [ profile] spiletta42  answers the allegations and takes a stand against your bullying.
  12. UPDATE sockpuppet [ profile] izzy96  has added [ profile] sj_everyday  to its Communities list, so stay tuned?
  13. UPDATE 18 May: troll creates account  [ profile] endspam  to harass [ profile] lolmac  & other LJ members
"Spiletta42 is 100 percent innocent" according to moderator [ profile] pomkeygeekange in [ profile] stop_plagiarism.

So why stir shit again, 3 years later? Don't you have anything better to do than grudge-wank?

PS: How did I find out where else you'd posted your grudge-wank against [ profile] spiletta42 ? Your sockpuppet [ profile] izzy96  listed the comms you trolled in its user profile.

PPS: Your anonymous comment's IP addresses:, (Proxy: Suspected network sharing device)
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Oh, LJ.

In [ profile] lj_maintenance  they're all "Oops we changed some stuff haha too bad the site's been slow."

So someone asks WTF happened to my layout?

But no one on LJ's staff replies.

And then in [ profile] news  they're all "LOL we changed ur nav bar and didn't tell you until we'd done it."

nav bar
click to enlarge

Also, spam account [ profile] celimood  is still active, even though I'm hoping its abuse report count went up because I asked my F-List to report it.

If all my fandom friends weren't here on LJ, I'd be on WordPress.
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Please do me a favor and click here: [ profile] celimood . Tell me that's not a spam account. Look at celimood's Profile: 3 Journal Entries, 0 comments received, 251 comments posted.
screenshot of celimood's profile

Yeah, thought so. [ profile] celimood  has been plaguing me with comment spam.

Now go here to Report a Bot and paste type in [ profile] celimood's username.

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You know that adage "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it"? I need to find a busy person, or clone myself. Or just blow off everything & blow a Ba'al clone.

I am so frelling behind on some of my favorite fandom activities:
  • finishing my [ profile] stargate_summer  Big Bang story, due in a few weeks
  • reading fanfic rec'd to me
  • leaving feedback for fanfic I've read
  • posting about the next phase of the [ profile] daniel_vala  Layout Contest
  • nominating my favorite fanworks for the Gatefic Awards
  • posting a boring update on my battle with comment spam
  • polling about story length preferences
I've experienced 2 consecutive days of WiFail, and y'all know what dialup is like. Anyway, my "reading stack" is formidable, but TICKY BOXES might amuse you:
[Poll #1739325]

Random question: If anyone is using a variation of Flexible Squares as your LJ layout, have you noticed any random default re-setting? I think LJ has rewritten some of its core code to thwart comment spam, and inadvertently broken layouts that may have had incompatible CSS.
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I am a fucking stress ball right now.

LiveJournal is still reeling from the recent DDoS attacks, so a few communities that I enjoy ([ profile] cms_daily[ profile] alittleofboth , [ profile] dustishisstory ) created DreamWidth mirrors because of LJ's instability. [ profile] stargate_summer and [ profile] sos_lounge have also advised members of their existing DW mirrors.

LJ is still so effed-up that my DreamWidth mirror account didn't pick up my most recent (private) entries from the export queue. I often compose drafts of future posts and set them to Private while they're in development, so it's not Super Secret stuff, it's just important, complicated stuff that needs to be backed up until it's published, e.g. [ profile] daniel_vala  updated Rules.
right in the nuggets
DreamWidth doesn't allow importing content from LJ communities (due to intellectual property considerations), so all that wonderful [ profile] daniel_vala  content (which dates back to July 2005 might be lost if the next DDoS attack or a hacking exploit or a natural disaster deletes every fucking thing or destroys backup server racks. I'm looking into a way to preserve all that content, but I don't want to piss off anyone who doesn't want DW to publish their stuff.

Via a Twitter hash tag I found an LJ post about LJ's DDoS troubles, which also points to an app that archives LJ content, but I'm not sure if it handles communities. My Windoze laptop's a brick right now due to hard drive failure; my Mac can't run an executable file until I install an emulator.

FUCK MY FANDOM LIFE. Even Tumblr has been giving me error messages.

[included in the 8 April 2011 [ profile] sg1_debrief ]
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1. Leave sarcastic comment on [ profile] news

2. Receive bizarre message signed "Frand [sic] and Meme" in LJ Inbox:
Dear campylobacter,

You have received a LiveJournal virtual gift from [ profile] frank 

The note attached to your gift reads:

"Well, it certainly was quite a trip. Thank you for joining us. Hey, why am I blowing green-striped neon yellow bubbles whenever I burp now? ... Love and kisses, Frand and Meme."
3. Find automatic Virtual Gift "mimosa" in user profile

PLEASE LJ I JUST WANT TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN [ profile] hummingfly67  & [ profile] lc59  & some of my other peeps update their LJs because those notifs have never worked for me! FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT.
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Looking for a company to host your website? You probably don't want to spend your hard-earned money on fraudulent organizations which set up shop to look like legitimate businesses. In my investigation of the links in comment spam I've been deleting, I've discovered that they're all scammers. (Yeah, big surprise, huh?) Thought I'd share my findings with everyone.

Stay away from these bastards:

  • 200 Gigs (bounced my abuse report to
  • 001 Webs (known comment spammer & spam harvester according to Project Honey Pot)
  • Hyper PHP deleted the spam accounts I reported to, but replaced them with link farms
  • deleted the spam accounts I reported to, but replaced them with link farms
  • Mezoka deleted the spam accounts I reported to, but replaced them with link farms

Suspect IP addresses
LEGIT, but sloppy slow
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"It's been a pretty eventful week. We're still experiencing issues with notification delivery. Please know that we're working very hard to resolve this matter involving a third party. We'll keep you posted right here." LJ News 9 March 2011

Ya know what, LiveJournal? I have a Paid Account, so LISTEN UP. You need to stop allocating resources toward developing Facebook-type games and BE MORE PROACTIVE regarding comment spam and spambot accounts. Because THIS SHIT DON'T FLY:

Found 1 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of
02-Mar-2011 08:29 GMT Again used by botnet spammers to host

It's a complete disgrace for a blogging platform as established as LJ to be put on the Spamhaus Block List stemming from negligence in suspending spam accounts. A list of spammy LJs compiled by Spamhaus includes accounts that are still active. STILL ACTIVE. Even an idiot can tell that [ profile] nnbpjwsfmad1  is a fake account.

Because my LJ allows anonymous comments, I've had to delete on average 1 comment spam every other day for the past 3 months. Before the spambots discovered that I allow anons, spammers were using LJ accounts to leave comments begging me to buy Viagra, counterfeit designer handbags, and bootleg eBooks.

The only reason I've stayed with LJ since 2003 is because of the lovely fandom communities; otherwise, I'd be chillaxin' on Wordpress, which is much more robust, user-friendly and pro-active in preventing comment spam.

Source: informed discussion by [ profile] pw201  on LJ's spam issues
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date : Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 6:27 PM
subject: LJ Paid Account Extension

(the following is an anonymous gift)

6 months of paid account time have been added to your LiveJournal account

I owe some awesome anonymouse a heaping bushel porn! Or genfic. Or a nude manip of John Sheppard.
licky lick lick

Open Journal

Friend/de-Friend/Ban me = it's all good.

Fandom's more fun when you're an equal-opportunity pervert (multi-shipper). Set porn goggles to maximum!

Mostly Stargate SG-1 with an intermittent chance of SGA & The X-Files.


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