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RODNEY MCKAY: 135, but I'm shooting for 150 soon. 3.14159265358--
JOHN SHEPPARD: Um, Rodney? We don't care. (I've memorized 50, by the way.)
SAMANTHA CARTER: The Asgard data core once allowed me to enter up to 20 digits of pi to calculate a solar phase shift with random vect--
JACK O'NEILL: Carter, stop. The only pie worth talking about is one I'm about to eat.
DANIEL JACKSON: In Greek it's pronounced π, which is the first letter of περιφέρεια--
JACK: Daniel.
VALA MAL DORAN: General, you simply MUST taste the fruit pie Cameron's mother makes.
CAM MITCHELL: Aw yeah! I'm tellin' ya, hand-picked raspberries make all the difference. 
TEAL'C: How may we obtain this pie?

[ profile] sg_fignewton's got some Samantha Carter genfic recs & graphics in honor of National Pi Day!

And HEY, y'all gotta vote for SG-1's astrophysicist in the [ profile] sf_marchmadness Sweet Sixteen!

If voting once isn't enough, vote for Sam 4 more times in [ profile] holdouttrout 's SUPER AWESOME POLL OF AWESOME. :D

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I'm not voting in the 2012 FANDOM STEEL CAGE MATCH MARCH MADNESS SWEET 16, because I just don't care, but OMG...

the Sci-Fi/Fantasy March Madness is a heartbreakingly, coin-flippingly awesome bucketful of FEELS.

I mean, Samantha Carter vs. Jack O'Neill? WHY????????? Choose between them? So I asked myself "What would Jack do?" and voted.

Which leads me to recommend:

TITLE: Round Two
AUTHOR: [ profile] openended
Click here to read the story on AO3

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TITLE: Solitudes Redux 1/1
AUTHOR: [personal profile] campylobacter
PAIRING: Jack/Daniel
RATING: R/Mature/FRT (language, sexual subject matter)
CATEGORY/GENRE: AU, episode-related; action/adventure, hurt/comfort
CHARACTERS: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson; Teal'c, Samantha Carter
TIMELINE/SPOILERS: 1x18 "Solitudes"
PROMPTS: [community profile] jd_ficathon for [ profile] elder_bonnie A snow planet, Daniel-whump, separated and frozen, no higher than soft R, no character death

SUMMARY/SYNOPSIS/PREMISE: What if Daniel had been stranded in Antarctica with Jack in 1x18 'Solitudes'?

NOTES: Thought this'd be easy dialog-switching, but then I started considering how events would've truly diverged in a chaos-theory multiverse sort of way. Brief reference to Jack/Sara, Daniel/Sha're; surreal UST reference to Sam/Jack, Teal'c/Jack. (Dear Brad Wright: wormholes are not telephone signals kthxbai.)

Kawoosh holes BEHIND the Stargate?
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TITLE: Jack & Sam Dr. Suess Porn
AUTHORS: [ profile] shakespherical  & [ profile] campylobacter
RATING: R/Mature
FANDOM: Stargate SG-1
CROSS-POSTED TO: [ profile] sam_and_jack on 15 May 2011, and [ profile] crackified_gate on 14 May 2011
CATEGORY: poetry (bad); crack
CHARACTERS: Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter
SUMMARY/PREMISE: [ profile] shakespherical  was SO inspired by some gawdawful Sam/Jack fanfiction I rec'ed to her, that she dropped Jack & Sam into "Green Eggs & Ham". I added Daniel, Teal'c, and astrophysics.

I am Jack

I'm a jock
Jack the Jock.
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One of the most transforming effects of having a Tumblr blog is getting to know Amanda Tapping fangirls who are also Sam/Jack 'shippers.

It's like a weird AU where I almost feel like a Unitarian at a Baptist Tent Revival because none of the names I'm used to seeing in the Jack/Daniel or Daniel/Vala communities are present or familiar at first, but then I find myself surprised to have actually written my first Sam/Jack, just as some Sam/Jack 'shippers tolerate the Jack/Daniel squee and start noticing the unsubtle HoYay between Jack & Daniel. :U

It's such a relief (as a survivor of the crossfire in the 'shipper vs. noromo wars of The X-Files fandom) to discover a community of Stargate fans who perv over the whole damn team -- Classic SG-1 as well as New!Team. So there does exist a corner of the Stargate fandom where it's not a traumatizingly wanky place where fans fight like 3-year-olds over which pairing should be the only one to exist, because really, WTF is that about?

(Rarely) Pure And (Never) Simple
by [ profile] pepper_field
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1410
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Summary: This wasn't a situation she'd ever expected to relive.
Reason for Rec'ing: [ profile] pepper_field 's story is based on the crack premise that Sam is a virgin, linked from a really funny fanfic meta by [ profile] rowan_d  about some of the Samantha Carter & Helen Magnus stories that overlook rather obvious features of the characters.

Today you are.
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::innocent lamb face::

Jack and Daniel’s Universe by Orrymain
February 22, 2011
rec by Sarah
Title: Jack and Daniel’s Universe
Author: Orrymain
Fandom: Stargate-SG1
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, First Time, AU, kids-fic (NOT mpreg)

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BTW: My LJ allows anonymous comments. Anonymice are welcome to BRING IT. (Although the server seems to be screening all the anon comments left on my LJ for 2 months because they've ALL been spam. But that may be because it's blocking the specific IP address whence the spams originate.)
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Clicking the pictures links to the source. :-D There's a LOT of fandom eye candy to perv over at Tumblr as well as LJ.

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Jack is hungry

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JACK: I'm hungry.
DANIEL: Me too.
JACK: Wanna?
DANIEL: Mm-hmm.
(9x03 "Origin")

MY SPOUSE: Are they gay?
ME: Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
MY SPOUSE: I guess there's fanfic about that.
ME: Rule 34!

cross-posted from my Tumblr and to the_gay_chip

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