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WARNING Rootkit virus embedded in video via comment spam
Lately, I've had to delete about half a dozen spam comments from various entries on my LJ & at other communities. They've all shared a commonality: a single embed & link to a YouTube video in Portuguese titled "Camarate: A confissao fe Farinha Simoes" or in English titled "Dying call from prison. Details about Portugal Premier Minister air-crash!"


The video contains a Windows rootkit virus that'll steal your personal info.

Known accounts that generate these spammy malware comments:
  1. [ profile] 1310ardfey 108 comments posted 
  2. [ profile] aldovid 98 comments posted
  3. [ profile] analiseacalo 93 comments posted
  4. [ profile] bolvul 86 comments posted
  5. [ profile] golubcavav 98 comments posted
  6. [ profile] hofmannfuvuw 119 comments posted
  7. [ profile] jonmeino 95 comments posted
  8. [ profile] justiczjatu 95 comments posted
  9. [ profile] mafirusii0 86 comments posted
  10. [ profile] marowov570 86 comments posted
  11. [ profile] meratee05250 97 comments posted
  12. [ profile] milburrujyvy 116 comments posted
  13. [ profile] millfordiqy 100 comments posted
  14. [ profile] ngpase 106 comments posted
  15. [ profile] omne807 98 comments posted
  16. [ profile] owenddhd 99 comments posted
  17. [ profile] proplasmoc 92 comments posted
  18. [ profile] rjwoily 99 comments posted
  19. [ profile] symanuvawe 80 comments posted
  20. [ profile] veatorecu 122 comments posted
Let's get LJ admins alerted to this exploit (the more reports, the better!) by following these instructions:

Instructions with screencaps behind cut... )

Alternate link to report a bot:

Alternate link to ban a user:

SOURCE: [Warning] Serious rootkit virus spreading in LJ comments by [ profile] luma_chan
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LOLz, No Daddy, Spam... )
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The good thing about having an Open Journal is the Google signal boost my posts get -- especially fanfic.

The good thing about allowing anonymous comments is that I get to mess with trolls talk to folk who don't have an LJ.

The bad thing about an Open Journal is that spambots parasitize my SERP placement.

The bad thing about allowing anonymous comments is comment spam. Spammers' latest tactic is using the LJ email notification system to get around the "suspicious comment" screening; they post any random text (regardless of what language it's in) and sneak in a link to their spammy website that does NOT show up on your LJ because there's no anchor text, but DOES show up in your email.

They assume I'm gonna click it? SERIOUSLY? WTF? Do they get pay-per-click impressions? Or does merely visiting their spam site install malware on your computer? 
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Please do me a favor and click here: [ profile] celimood . Tell me that's not a spam account. Look at celimood's Profile: 3 Journal Entries, 0 comments received, 251 comments posted.
screenshot of celimood's profile

Yeah, thought so. [ profile] celimood  has been plaguing me with comment spam.

Now go here to Report a Bot and paste type in [ profile] celimood's username.

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1. Leave sarcastic comment on [ profile] news

2. Receive bizarre message signed "Frand [sic] and Meme" in LJ Inbox:
Dear campylobacter,

You have received a LiveJournal virtual gift from [ profile] frank 

The note attached to your gift reads:

"Well, it certainly was quite a trip. Thank you for joining us. Hey, why am I blowing green-striped neon yellow bubbles whenever I burp now? ... Love and kisses, Frand and Meme."
3. Find automatic Virtual Gift "mimosa" in user profile

PLEASE LJ I JUST WANT TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN [ profile] hummingfly67  & [ profile] lc59  & some of my other peeps update their LJs because those notifs have never worked for me! FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT.
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Looking for a company to host your website? You probably don't want to spend your hard-earned money on fraudulent organizations which set up shop to look like legitimate businesses. In my investigation of the links in comment spam I've been deleting, I've discovered that they're all scammers. (Yeah, big surprise, huh?) Thought I'd share my findings with everyone.

Stay away from these bastards:

  • 200 Gigs (bounced my abuse report to
  • 001 Webs (known comment spammer & spam harvester according to Project Honey Pot)
  • Hyper PHP deleted the spam accounts I reported to, but replaced them with link farms
  • deleted the spam accounts I reported to, but replaced them with link farms
  • Mezoka deleted the spam accounts I reported to, but replaced them with link farms

Suspect IP addresses
LEGIT, but sloppy slow
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"It's been a pretty eventful week. We're still experiencing issues with notification delivery. Please know that we're working very hard to resolve this matter involving a third party. We'll keep you posted right here." LJ News 9 March 2011

Ya know what, LiveJournal? I have a Paid Account, so LISTEN UP. You need to stop allocating resources toward developing Facebook-type games and BE MORE PROACTIVE regarding comment spam and spambot accounts. Because THIS SHIT DON'T FLY:

Found 1 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of
02-Mar-2011 08:29 GMT Again used by botnet spammers to host

It's a complete disgrace for a blogging platform as established as LJ to be put on the Spamhaus Block List stemming from negligence in suspending spam accounts. A list of spammy LJs compiled by Spamhaus includes accounts that are still active. STILL ACTIVE. Even an idiot can tell that [ profile] nnbpjwsfmad1  is a fake account.

Because my LJ allows anonymous comments, I've had to delete on average 1 comment spam every other day for the past 3 months. Before the spambots discovered that I allow anons, spammers were using LJ accounts to leave comments begging me to buy Viagra, counterfeit designer handbags, and bootleg eBooks.

The only reason I've stayed with LJ since 2003 is because of the lovely fandom communities; otherwise, I'd be chillaxin' on Wordpress, which is much more robust, user-friendly and pro-active in preventing comment spam.

Source: informed discussion by [ profile] pw201  on LJ's spam issues
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I'm not sure what possessed me to click on this one message out of dozens in my SPAM box before emptying it. This poor assassin must have been hired by someone who read my fan fiction.

View my extortion spam... )

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