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SOPA Strike

My new LJ header

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Steve Jobs taught us to THINK DIFFERENT, not "think pedantically".

Because sometimes you just have to tell prescriptivists that it's OK to break the rules.

Rock that mock turtleneck, Steve.
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Steve Jobs
Because the people who are crazy enough to think
they can change the world, are the ones who do.

In 1997, I started flailing around on a Windows machine. Could barely mouse my way around or do anything coherent.

In 1998, I discovered the Mac.

By 2000, I was earning my living as a free-lance Web developer, cross-platform between the Mac & Windows operating systems.

Yesterday, I heard of Steve's passing via Twitter, on a MacBook.

Steve Jobs touched my life indirectly, but in an insanely great way.
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Dear codemonkeys at [ profile] changelog,


FIX IT. Dammit.

Daniel with staff weapon
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Crap. I just wanted to write fan fiction.

But I got involved in fighting LiveJournal comment spam and learning about cyber security, so I started following @LULZSec & @YourAnonNews, then couldn't keep my damn mouth shut and resist Tweeting at the FBI:
FBI security is a JOKE
@FBIPressOffice Infragard Connecticut got hacked by @LULZSec via a primitive SQL injection? Your security is a JOKE. I want my tax $$$ back.
@LULZSec re-Tweeted my Tweet, and then 100+ Tweeps RT'd it.

Now My Twitter account has acquired 20+ IT professionals, gov't agents, and conspiracy theorist Followers since that Tweet. They'll probably get bored by all the Stargate fanporn and eventually un-Follow me.

However, if you're on my F-List, I thought you might like a heads-up that your LJs and user profiles may get creeped on by government spooks & data-harvesting bots over the next day or so.

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I am a fucking stress ball right now.

LiveJournal is still reeling from the recent DDoS attacks, so a few communities that I enjoy ([ profile] cms_daily[ profile] alittleofboth , [ profile] dustishisstory ) created DreamWidth mirrors because of LJ's instability. [ profile] stargate_summer and [ profile] sos_lounge have also advised members of their existing DW mirrors.

LJ is still so effed-up that my DreamWidth mirror account didn't pick up my most recent (private) entries from the export queue. I often compose drafts of future posts and set them to Private while they're in development, so it's not Super Secret stuff, it's just important, complicated stuff that needs to be backed up until it's published, e.g. [ profile] daniel_vala  updated Rules.
right in the nuggets
DreamWidth doesn't allow importing content from LJ communities (due to intellectual property considerations), so all that wonderful [ profile] daniel_vala  content (which dates back to July 2005 might be lost if the next DDoS attack or a hacking exploit or a natural disaster deletes every fucking thing or destroys backup server racks. I'm looking into a way to preserve all that content, but I don't want to piss off anyone who doesn't want DW to publish their stuff.

Via a Twitter hash tag I found an LJ post about LJ's DDoS troubles, which also points to an app that archives LJ content, but I'm not sure if it handles communities. My Windoze laptop's a brick right now due to hard drive failure; my Mac can't run an executable file until I install an emulator.

FUCK MY FANDOM LIFE. Even Tumblr has been giving me error messages.

[included in the 8 April 2011 [ profile] sg1_debrief ]
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Ganked from [ profile] hummingfly67 , who had Legend of the Seeker on hers.
A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.
B. Post the picture in your LJ. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.
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I bought a 250GB FireWire/USB portable hard drive for backing up all my porn (you know, fanfic, photos of bare arms on Stargate, fanvids, raunchy hip hop music...) and I wanted it to be compatible for both Windoze and my Macs.
iomega eGo Portable hard drive
The iomega eGo Portable mounted just fine on my iMac, but none of the Windoze laptops recognized it... until I had my iMac format it for MSDOS.

Now the drive will let any of my computers mount it!

So whaddya think I named her?

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For any of my friends who are wondering if I'm OK, I'm popping by briefly to say yes, I'm physically well (I've even resumed my weight training workouts) and am busy with work, BUT I've been battling STUPID EFFING MALWARE on the Windows laptop I use for one of my clients. Serves me right for surfing Stargate stuff when I should've been finishing up the minutes to a board meeting.

OMG, I cannot WAIT until I get a Macbook so I don't have to deal with this crap anymore.

So I have a neglected FList and a stack of email to catch up with, all thanks to a lovely virus called "Internet Security 2010" that installed itself and popped up a raft of the most annoying nag screens ever, and which took 2 patches and another computer to remove the virus.

I'll be back on LJ as soon as I can (after I catch up on my RL busy-ness), so please don't feel like I'm ignoring you. (Especially  [ profile] hummingfly67 , [ profile] dvfan , and [ profile] misshapenmuse , who all got interrupted mid-correspondence.)

Lovely warning screen courtesy of Google Chrome: )
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I'm not sure what possessed me to click on this one message out of dozens in my SPAM box before emptying it. This poor assassin must have been hired by someone who read my fan fiction.

View my extortion spam... )
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Terrible, awful dream:

I turn on my computer, start working on a client's JavaScript makeover, and suddenly notice that my desktop picture is no longer Akio's beautiful blue-green glass toric chain links floating on a Bryce ocean under a periwinkle sky.

akio's artwork

It's a weird, primitive gold-beige splatter-paint tiled background. And my shortcut icons had disappeared. So I immediately hit the reboot button. A bunch of little windows appear with animated South Park icons and Sesame Street video clips.

OK, I like South Park, but not on my desktop. And Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch are OK, but I'd rather look at tattooed naked people boinking if given a choice.

I hit the reboot switch again, and this time that dreaded "Start" and "My Computer" bar appears at the bottom of my screen.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

My beloved Mac OS has been taken over by Windows XP.

Hitting the reboot switch does NOTHING.

What could have done this?

I remember doing some (ahem) file sharing the day before, and changing the configs in my firewall. Had I forgotten to reset it, resulting in some crappy spyware/malware being downloaded into my computer unknown to me?

Then the phone rang and wakened me.

That's the last time I complain about my outdated system. And I really should stop playing South Park Snood before going to bed.

South Park Snood screenshot

Microsoft Jingle Bells by David Pogue
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I'm testing the Mac app Phoenix 1.8.5, for updating LJ entries without the click-and-wait convolutions of the WWW interface. It's a nice, no-nonsense proggy with a feature that automatically displays what music you're listening to in iTunes or Audion. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for OS 9.0.4. Maybe when I get a spare $130 I can upgrade to Panther.

But wait! My iMac's a G3, and Panther apparently wasn't completely tested for such "old" hardware. And G5s have already been released!

Damn, I hate being on the low end of the Technology Have-Nots, especially since I was cutting-edge just a few years ago.

Well, back to work. THREE deadlines today.

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