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F-List, I AM DISAPPOINT. Y U NO let me know this was first posted back on 14 August?

Also, why are there no women in this commercial?
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You'd have a grumpy face, too, if your 2003 Audi's eardrum-piercing car alarm klaxons go off for no apparent reason & attract paparazzi who sell photos of your disgruntlement to TMZ so that shallow jerks can mock you for being a 61 year old who looks 10 years younger but is having a bad day.

If I lived in Malibu instead of San Diego, you bet your ass I'd've given him a ride. :D

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Transcript of the video from
Hi! Richard Dean Anderson here.

It's way too early in the morning to be doing this, and in fact I kinda resent having to do it at all, but there are some people -- couple of couples -- that are representing themselves on Facebook as me.

Uhm, they've got a-- there are are a couple of sites up -- actually there are many, many sites up apparently that are, uh invoking my name as being the "responder".

Um, it's not happening. I'm, I don't have a Facebook account, let alone am I holding court on a site.

So please I'd like people like Nancy Battaglia, Christine Dallinger, Christopher John Taylor and Kate Taylor to please stop what you're doing.

It's illegal and it's uh,
bad form. All right? Have a good rest of the day.

RDA reads fraudsters' names
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This exchange is TOO GOOD to bury under one of my spammy Tweet-logs. Thanks to [ profile] lolmac  for bringing it to my attention, because I'd've missed it.

Anyhow, US Senator Boehner (Republican) walked out on President Obama (Democrat) during talks about reducing the deficit & raising the US debt ceiling (which BTW current Republican leaders voted 19 times to do during the presidency of Republican GW Bush). Here's Richard Dean Anderson's Twitter reaction and the wank that ensued.

@andersonrdean: OMyGod!! Who/What is John Boehner!? If there was ANY doubt b4, it's clear now: HE IS AN ASS!! And DANGEROUS! Aaahhhhhh...!!  

@dragondude_john: I think the bigger ass is. the guy who wants to spend more money on his little projects 4 us to pay 4. Share the wealth.  

@andersonrdean: Any Speaker of the House who won't return the Presidents' phone call (3 times!) is a threat to ALL of us. Rhetoric. BS. Aaahhhh!!  

@dragondude_john: I wouldn't return that jerk off's calls either.

@andersonrdean: The notion: Anyone who walks out on a meeting (Boehner, Cantor...) ostensibly has nothing more to say; they r void of substance.  

@tgkillerman (Ronnie Eubanks): Obama walked out of meeting earlier in the week dude  

@andersonrdean: He's the President. You have got to admit Obama has been extended virtually NO respect from Day 1. It is ludicrous.

@dragondude_john: The guys who wants to spend more money for us to pay 4 is the biggest waste of space. Good thing u make a good salary.  

@andersonrdean: I am unemployed.  

@PortlandPatti (Patti Nearing): Agree w U! believe Repb are holding us Americans hostage to get rid of Obama. They don't like hving a Black in office

@andersonrdean: THAT IS THE TRUTH. No matter how much they deny it, you have hit upon the truth.

@charitin_1 (Charo Munoz) : He didn't walk out. That was a lie Cantor told. That meeting was over!

@andersonrdean: There he goes... lying, again!

@tgkillerman: @gatecrazy You know sent several tweets to Mr. Anderson never got a reply

@andersonrdean: O, I've been watching very closely, both sides. I sense anger in your tweet tone: you must be a Republican...
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Joe Mallozzi's promised on his WordPress blog to regale Stargate fans with reminiscences from his days working on the series; here's a charming excerpt from his 22 Apr 2011 entry:
The other stand-out introduction was to the man himself, Richard Dean Anderson (aka MacGyver). Although he had popped his head in to say hi when we first arrived, it wasn’t until I’d settled into my office that he actually swung by to say hi and welcome me to the show. I remember I was working on a script, my back to the door, my pug Jelly (she must have [been] one at the time) at my feet, when Rick stepped in and re-introduced himself.
Jelly, one of Mallozzi's pugs

We started chatting and I was momentarily distracted by something on my computer.

When I turned around, he was gone. I barely had time to be register surprise when I glanced down and realized he hadn’t left – he was lying on his back on the carpeted floor of my office, playing with my dog. That simple act endeared him to me so much that, years later, no matter what the script critiques and changes requested, I had nothing but respect for the big-hearted guy.
RDA & friend
RDA with a dog

As I’ve often said: “People who like dogs are generally good and kind, while people who don’t like dogs are jerks at best and serial killers at worst”. Rick was – and continues to be – a dog guy, to the point that we nicknamed him “the dog whisperer” before Cesar Millan claimed the title.


Mallozzi, RDA saw your dog and couldn't RESIST re-introducing himself to play with Jelly.
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Jack is hungry

Stop squinting and look at the bigger picture... )
JACK: I'm hungry.
DANIEL: Me too.
JACK: Wanna?
DANIEL: Mm-hmm.
(9x03 "Origin")

MY SPOUSE: Are they gay?
ME: Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
MY SPOUSE: I guess there's fanfic about that.
ME: Rule 34!

cross-posted from my Tumblr and to the_gay_chip
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Last year while I was writing "Bookends", I asked [ profile] cleothemuse  "What kind of car does Daniel drive?" She listed several options: the Land Rover he rented in Cairo, a Jeep, or Jack's truck, which Jack might've left when he moved to DC. I chose Jack's truck. I was just over at [ profile] lc59's Colour Meme, and she's given Vala a 1965 Mustang Shelby Fastback.

So canonically, what kind of vehicles do Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Cameron Mitchell, and Daniel Jackson drive?

Do Teal'c and Vala drive cars?
See photos of their vehicles... )

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