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Such sad news: Joel Goldsmith, 54, composer of Stargate TV music for SG-1, Stargate Atlantis & Stargate: Universe, has ascended to the Choir Invisible. This was first announced on the GateWorld Twitter feed.

Joel Goldsmith took the original David Arnold score from the 1994 Stargate movie and built an aural universe from it, full of hope, tragedy, loss, humor, joy and most importantly a sense of wonder -- the very core of what makes science fiction so appealing. The 3 of his CDs which I've imported into my iTunes library have been replayed SO MANY TIMES that the playcounts for EACH track, number between 136-303. His music is the background to my fanfic reading & writing. Goldsmith's music makes the moments I watch SG-1 & SGA so much more visceral. His recurring themes are characters unto themselves. I mourn his passing; his music lives forever in my heart & ears.

Stargate SG-1 "Ascension" Theme from "Meridian": A spare, simple harp ostinato with flute & strings accompanies Daniel Jackson on his journey from this plane to another.

Stargate Atlantis: "Atlantis Takes Flight": This inspiring march for brass, strings & woodwinds SOARS as the sleeping city emerges from the ocean; always gives me chills.

Stargate SG-1 Continuum "New Identities": This poignant musical portrait of isolation & patience describes how it feels to be wrenched from almost everything you love.

Stargate: Universe "Long Journey": Possibly the last piece Goldsmith composed for the Stargate franchise, it's a piano piece describing latent promise, with a cello underscoring the sadness of the farewell, plus a violin lending a bright echo of hope.

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SGU Continuation, Other Movies Dead — for now

Brad Wright's announcement today onstage at Creation Entertainment’s Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver that the Stargate SG-1, SGA, & SGU movies have been "permanently shelved" puts a brake on the "Save SGU" and "Greenlight the Stargate Movies" campaigns, but never say never, right? (Read more at Joe Mallozzi's WP blog.)

TeenGateWho's to say SyFail might not consider REBOOTING the series with "younger, edgier versions" of the Team?

Imagine that Vala's a vampire -- a SPARKLY vampire -- who assists the Team (who are amateur wrestlers off-duty) in fighting Sharktopus & MegaSnake?

Or maybe FOX would be interested in picking up the series as an animated half-hour comedy, voiced by Ann Coulter as Sam Carter, Bill O'Reilly as Jack O'Neill, Rush Limbaugh as Teal'c, and Glenn Beck as Daniel Jackson?


Perhaps it's more likely that FOX would prefer to reboot the series in a reality TV format, where 14 contestants are thrown onto a derelict Ancient ship heading toward the center of the known universe, fight to the death each week, so that the lone survivor wins a gold-plated Stargate in the mid-season finale?

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Mallozzi & Gero are fapping over this fanvid.

I agree! It's as good as Gab's "High School Never Ends", which won the Gatefic Awards last year.

If you like special FX, action, pewpewpew, and a metal rock anthem (Shinedown's "Diamond Eyes") then PRESS PLAY.

On a completely unrelated topic – cool Stargate-related online videos – we walked into post after lunch and found Visual Effects Producer Mark Savela sitting, mesmerized, by the following fan-made video. We stopped to watch and, in seconds, we too were thoroughly entranced. It’s epic, expertly edited, and includes almost every awesome visual effects we’ve ever done. Check it out -

JaapVSWDelta, don’t know who you are, but that is one bad-ass video! Also, you misspelled “universe” in the closing rolling credits.

- from Joe Mallozzi's blog

@martingero Tweeted by Martin Gero 24 Feb 2011
Also: this is awesome. Best. Fanvid. Ever. #sg1#sga#sgu

I nominated "Diamond Eyes" for the 2011 Gatefic Awards:
Title: Diamond Eyes
Creator(s): JaapVSWDelta
Series: Crossover
Category: Gen
Type: Video
Rating: Teens
Focus: pewpew/pewpew
Sub-categories: Action/Adventure

Comments: SG-1/SGA/SGU special FX/action fanvid to metal rock anthem

Thank you for submitting a nomination!
GateFic Team
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I'm sorry to hear about SGU not being renewed for a third season. I didn't hate it; I just didn't watch it.

And this more than likely means that MGM would rather bank on a new James Bond movie than risk gambling on another Stargate movie.

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It has been noted that there still aren't enough girls becoming scientists to balance the disparity of women to men in science occupations. One cannot help but speculate whether having someone who looks like Michael Shanks or Amanda Tapping narrate a series of science-based instructional videos would encourage more youngsters to become scientists...

Is it just me, or is it the way he flutters his eyelashes that makes me wanna take a look at hyperspace equations?
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Bumming off a temporarily stable, unsecured WiFi node that my neighbor doesn't bother to lock down, I watched episode 7 ("Earth") of Stargate: Universe through Hulu, and I LIKED IT!


Granted, there's no sense of Team that you have in SG-1, but I'm used to watching a series where most characters are antagonistic toward each other (X-Files), so I can deal.

I still get confused by all the Harrid-Sallis body switching, because I don't know who all the characters are, but I'm enjoying that the communication stones allow 2-way switching when their activation is synchronized at both ends. How they compensate for the sidereal delay during FTL travel is beyond me, but I guess it's addressed in another episode?


I am so watching this show from the pilot, now. When I can get a good broadband connection.

OK, when do aliens appear? And guns? Explosions? And more Ancient technology?

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