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"Big Mistake Part 1: Corned Piggot "
AUTHOR: [ profile] campylobacter 
FANDOM: Stargate SG-1
PAIRINGS: Daniel/Vala (reference to Vala/Tomin in this part)
CHARACTERS: (this part) Vala Mal Doran, Denya, Seevis
RATING: NC-17/Adult (see warnings)
WARNINGS: Serious triggers for references to prostitution, abortion, miscarriage, extreme medical injury, ableist pejorative
STATUS: complete
TIMELINE/SPOILERS: Vala backstory; 8x12 Prometheus Unbound, 9x19 Crusade, 10x20 Unending
ARCHIVE: Permission granted; drop me a URL if, for some reason, you aren't afraid to archive it -- I'll link to it from my blog.
CATEGORY/GENRE: Angst, darkfic, missing scenes
SERIES: "Big Mistake" for [ profile] one_prompt "I think we made a big mistake"
WORD COUNT: 566/1897
SUMMARY: Missing scenes from Crusade, Prometheus Unbound, and Unending, connected by a subject women don't speak of in public.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm not gonna blame you if you don't read past the 1st sentence, refuse to comment, or leave me anonymous wank for this. THIS IS NOT FICTION FOR CHILDREN. The restricted rating isn't for porn or violence; it's for some heavily adult topics & women's issues. Un-beta'd because I started this 1 day before the deadline & published late. (For what it's worth, it does have a happy ending...)
Denya & Vala share a meal in the tavern

“I was pregnant once,” Denya said matter-of-factly to the striking brunette whom Tomin the Town Cripple had impulsively married. His new, foreign wife had swelled with child sooner than was proper after their nuptial ceremony, confirming the gossip that she wasn't as virtuous and gods-sent as she looked. The woman's condition reminded Denya of how calm, how triumphant she herself had been when announcing her pregnancy to Seevis. He'd no longer be able to sell her “virginity” to wealthy but gullible travelers if her appearance contradicted his sales pitch.

“Really?” Tomin's wife asked, interested but neither judgmental nor intrusive. Despite the possibility that the child wasn't even Tomin's, Denya felt she might trust her with a past sorrow, if not with the secret of the anti-Ori Underground.

- - -

Seevis had looked momentarily surprised, but a condescending grin soon spread across his face. “Congratulations to you and the lucky young buck. Send me the dunning for your bridal attire, my dear.”

Denya chafed at the veiled mockery, predicated by his assumption that she had no idea who (of all the aging, overfed customers) the sire was, and that there were no suitors besotted enough to claim paternity – least of all Seevis, who more than once had availed himself of a panderer's perquisites. She looked down at the demure, girlish, linsey-woolsey frock whose seams were straining against her expanding breasts and belly. With forced flippancy and a toss of blonde ringlets she proclaimed, “I am getting bored with this dress. A change would be welcome.”

“A new gown you shall have then.” He clapped lard-greased hands together with conviction. “And do let me treat you to a hearty bowl of corned piggot – you must fortify yourself in the coming months.”

The corned piggot tasted spicier than usual, to mask whatever had been added to induce excruciating cramps that night, and a pallet-full of blood in the morning. Seevis acted the very model of solicitous caregiver during the next four months of her agonizing recovery. During a lucid spell amidst the haze of her frequent fevers he admitted, “I think we– I, made a big mistake.”

True to his word, he replaced her maiden's frock with a provocative gown cut from cloth woven for wealthy but neglected merchants' wives. And his manner towards her changed; no longer did he bother to coddle and cajole her into accepting clients, but allowed her to choose or decline whom she pleased, and actively sought her counsel in their endeavors against the Ori.

- - -

Denya might trust Tomin's wife with her secret sorrow, but couldn't trust herself not to weep openly in confessing its details. “It didn't last long.”

Tomin's wife – Vala, her name was – seemed to understand with a compassion borne not of mere sympathy, but of similar experience: “Oh, I'm sorry.” She asked for no explanation, and steered the conversation in another direction. “Hey, I heard something really weird…”

“I promise you, I've heard it all.” The preposterous rumor of the “overcome” Ver Ager woman who'd been resurrected from death by a Prior only to be burned alive again had been retold with differing spins by Origin zealots and Underground conspirators alike.

“Well,” Vala began, “have you ever heard of someone getting pregnant without doing the deed?”

Big Mistake Part 2: Survival by Symbiont
Big Mistake Part 3: Proclaiming the Ephemeral Beauty

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Date: 2011-06-15 12:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry for the late comment - can't sleep, so I'm going through D/V fics :D

Oh, I like this take on that, almost fleeting, scene. Vala would understand, wouldn't she.

Also, even without this scene I thought Seevis was a bastard - Ori rebellion or not. This just fits his personality perfectly, the whole thing just played out in my mind as I read it.

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Date: 2011-06-15 01:49 am (UTC)
ext_391411: There is a god sitting here with wet fingers. (hold on)
From: [identity profile]
For this story, I'll accept comments 50 years late LOL.

It was pretty bold of Robert Cooper to skate so close to the subject without actually making it blatant, but I'm sure it was discussed in the writers' room.

Although I was shocked and dismayed to see Seevis get killed in "Crusade", his cavalier attitude toward the projected deaths of people from his (failed) sabotage of the Ori starcraft, as well as his barbaric treatment of Vala didn't make him one of my favorite characters. I was kinda wondering if Cooper were modeling him after Osama Bin Laden. :p
Edited Date: 2011-06-15 05:53 am (UTC)

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