Mar. 2nd, 2015

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TITLE: Ready When You Get Back [subtitle V is for VAH-fels]
SERIES: Part 2 of 3 for "Three Waitresses Daniel Never Met"
BETA-READER: oceania
CHARACTERS: Daniel Jackson, Nick Ballard, Oma Desala
RATING: G/K/FRC (all ages)
CATEGORY/GENRE: Angst; Time Travel Alphabet Soup; Episode Related

TIMELINE/SPOILERS: 2x04 "The Gamekeeper"; 3x21 "The Crystal Skull"; 8x18 "Threads"
ARCHIVE: send me a URL if you archive this so I can pimp your site

SUMMARY/SYNOPSIS/PREMISE: What if you could place a breakfast order 30 years into the future? "My grandfather brought me here after my parents' funeral. I had waffles."

NOTES: You really, really need to be familiar with "Threads", but I've listed the references/easter eggs at the end just in case you need a kick in the memory.


The bell over the door makes a musical ring as he and his grandfather enter. Daniel hasn't eaten much of anything in two days, and is surprised when his mouth waters at the sweet scent of maple syrup. The aroma is the same as when his parents took him to a Rhode Island sugarhouse over a year ago, when the snow was beginning to melt.



The sign on the hostess podium says, "Please SEAT YOURSELF". A short, blonde, curly-haired waitress walks by with a plate of waffles and fruit. His grandfather spots an empty booth, and they each slide into a vinyl-covered bench the color of pea soup.

"H-how do you say 'waffles' in Nederlands, Grampa?"


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