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Come on, y'all. You KNOW you wanna chip in to see animated versions of Ba'al (Cliff Simon), the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker), and Commander Ivanova (Claudia Christian) confront Davros (Terry Malloy) in a reboot of ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US, the great-grandmother of all Internet memes.

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talcMedia describes ALL YOUR BASE as "A monumental stupendous animated comedy parody mock trailer state of the art flat-two-dimensional animated short film in full Technicolor® and, even, Original Soundtrack!", which neatly encapsulates their off-the-wall sense of humour. Then again, since the thing exists down to Colin and Lizzie overacting, perhaps that's not such a surprise.

Yes, it's bonkers nonsense, but D:I6 is very serious and won't get off the ground unless AYB does. It's a bit of geeky fun, using one of the oldest memes around. If you don't know, "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" comes from the European Sega Mega Drive version of Zero Wing. The original Japanese was poorly translated with hysterical results. People pasted quotes on screencaps, posted them on the internet, and a cult meme was born.

For more information on AYB, visit the website or the Kickstarter page.
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So... this dream I had last night?

[ profile] magnavox_23 is hosting a party at a mutual friend's apartment & whispers that she'd invited a very special guest whom I'd be sure to like, as "he's bisexual". So far, so good.

Then said guest CLIFF SIMON shows up, but introduces himself as "Aiden. Aiden Ford." He has this weird way of eating a green apple: he picks off any brown bits from the skin & saves them in his hand before eating the rest of the apple. ???

I'm trying to remember where I'd heard the name "Aiden Ford" before and tell Rachel Luttrell (who's sitting next to me) that it sounds familiar, that I know of an actor who played that role on SGA but can't remember his name.

Ba'al WTF? Teyla What the? Aiden Ford
Then I wake up and wonder how in the fresh hell I could've forgotten Rainbow Sun Francks's name in a dream? While at a party with Rachel Luttrell & Cliff Simon, who's using a character name as pseudonym? Hosted by a fellow Stargate fan?

LOLWUT? (BTW Mags, you throw awesome dream parties. The Kahlua shooter was yummy.)

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