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The website has been using an automated script to harvest fan fiction from AO3 & Wattpad without any author's permission, including mine.
screenshot of my fic

Ebooks-Tree is also hosting commercial ebooks and making them available for free, which is obviously illegal. I've seen Margaret Atwood's books as well as some Stargate Fandemonium titles there, too.

Download links lead to various shady sites which may have spyware or malware on them. BEWARE. Authors whose works are hosted at Ebooks Tree have no editorial control over their works, let alone any compensation for commercial works.

Steps to take if you have stories published on AO3, Tumblr or Wattpad:
  1. Search their site for your author name
  2. Copy-paste the template found in the post from this link
  3. Insert your information into the template
  4. Submit it to their form
Please spread the word to any of your friends in fandom! Many thanks to AO3 for their quick attention to this matter. crossposted/edited from an entry I made for SJMA

Updates on the hosting server for Ebooks Tree piracy here

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